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MAPW Cover

A simple collection of my best astronomy related picture published on Twitter and Google+ and AstroBin

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MAPOW 07 FlamingStar Ha SII

Auriga is a really treasure box of bright astronomical objects: star clusters, bright nebulas and dark nebulas.

Among all IC405, Th Flaming Star Nebula is one of the most photographed objects.



MAPOW 06 drizzle integration 72x600s denoise2 renoise MS finale


Cepheus is a quite dim constellation in the northern sky, despite its dimness it is full of sky treasures.

One of them is the large IC1396 nebula that contains the famous vdB 142 dark nebula best known as The Elephant Trunk Nebula.



MAPOW 05 M101 Luigi


M101, The Pinwheel Galaxy, is a wonderful galaxy in Ursa Mayor.

Here the latest result o the collaboration between me and my friend Luigi Fontana



M82, The Cigar Galaxy is a very bright galaxy in Ursa Mayor.

It is a very easy target even from a light polluted sky.

Its central part shows a very strong Hα emission makeing it the perfect target for narrow band filter photograpy



M33, the Triangulum galaxy is one of the most beautiful galaxies in the sky.

Although beeing one of the most prominent member of the local group, together with Great Andromeda Galaxy and our Milky Way, it is an elusive target for astrophotographers due to its low surface brightness.

This wonderful pic was taken from Passo Mortirolo in northern Italy



Startrails is one of the very first experiences in an astrophotographer career.

Here a 4 hour and 20 minutes exposure taken in Bazena a wonderful place on the Alps in northern Italy: the winter sky performs its mighty show over the small church of Alpini.
See also the full video on YouTube HERE


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