M101, The Pinwheel Galaxy, is a wonderful galaxy in Ursa Mayor.

Here the latest result o the collaboration between me and my friend Luigi Fontana

The RGB signal was caught by Luigi with his ODK 12" and an unmodified Canon 6D
Since the unmodified Canon is nearly blind to hydrogen like I've added the H alpha signal, caught with a Williams Optics FLT 110 with my SBIG ST2000XM and a Baader H alpha filter.


 MAPOW 05 M101 Luigi


Click here for full resolution image on AstroBin


Messier 101 (M1012), The PINWHEEL galaxy

Date and location April 11th and May 10th 2015

SBIG ST2000XV (Hα)

Canon 6D Unmodified (RGB)


William Optics FLT 110

ODK 12" 


10Micron GM1000 HPS

10Micron GM2000 QCI


Baader Planetarium Ha 7nm: 16x900" Binning 1

Canon 6D 39x600s ISO 1600

Total Exposure 10.5 hours

Author Luigi Fontana and Edoardo Luca Radice

Processing PixInsight 1.8





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