Cepheus is a quite dim constellation in the northern sky, despite its dimness it is full of sky treasures.

One of them is the large IC1396 nebula that contains the famous vdB 142 dark nebula best known as The Elephant Trunk Nebula.

This narrow band image was caught with a Williams Optics FLT 110 with my SBIG ST2000XM camera and a Baader H alpha filter from a heavily light pollutes sky and a very bright full Moon.


 MAPOW 06 drizzle integration 72x600s denoise2 renoise MS finale


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vdB 142, The elephant trunk nebula

Date and location August 29th asn 30th 2015

SBIG ST2000XV With Hα Baader filter 7 nm


William Optics FLT 110


10Micron GM1000 HPS


Baader Planetarium Ha 7nm: 72x600" Binning 1

Total Exposure 12 hours

Author Edoardo Luca Radice

Processing PixInsight 1.8





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